Fabric Swatch Set for DEEPs

DEEP color swatch shopping guide

Get your personal
set of DEEP Swatches and receive Shari's
Body Type
Analysis Chart FREE!

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  36 color fabric swatches

  -  complete with a silky carrying bag

  -  fits in your purse

  -  quick reference Color charts indentify

     neutrals, pop colors, best accessories, etc

  -  coordinate new purchases with your
     existing wardrobe pieces

  -  save time and $$$


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When you purchase your swatch set, I'll ask you to send me your
photo / photos so I can confirm your analysis personally!

With Color Swatches you'll always know the exact colors that are in your wardrobe and the colors that make you look great.
All 36 fabric colors have been hand selected personally by Shari.

If Deep is your dominant color characteristic, your strong coloring demands deep shades of beautiful colors and can be worn with bright or light ones for contrast or with a combination of other dark hues.

Stay away from pastels. The softest shades of the color spectrum will only make you appear tired and washed out.

Instead of a light shade of pink, opt instead for a vibrant purple or lime green.

Color Intensity: Medium to deep shades, some brights

Accessories: Silver and gold

Best Neutrals: Black or dark brown

Pop Colors: Purple, true red, persimmon, royal blue

White or Ivory?: Both

Best Shoe and Purse Color: If your hair is medium to deep brown, choose dark brown for your best shoe and purse color. If your hair is dark brown to black, then choose black.

Best Makeup Shades: Browns, neutral, berries

Hair Advice: Your dark natural hair is best, so when highlighting, don't go too light. Medium shades of caramel and toffee are great choices of highlights for you. Keep the highlights minimal around your face.


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