Fabric Swatch Set for SOFTs

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 36 color fabric swatches

  -  complete with a silky carrying bag

  -  fits in your purse

  -  quick reference Color charts indentify

     neutrals, pop colors, best accessories, etc

  -  coordinate new purchases with your
     existing wardrobe pieces

  -  save time and $$$


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With Color Swatches you'll always know the exact colors that are in your wardrobe and the colors that make you look great.
All 36 fabric colors have been hand selected personally by Shari.

If you are a woman with SOFT characteristics, your coloring demands soft shades of beautiful colors which can be worn with light ones for contrast or with a combination of other medium colors.

Shades of camel, gray, and a medium brown are good colors to have basic staples of slacks, jackets and skirts. Choose medium colors of red that range from orange red to watermelon red.

Beware of too dark or heavy colors on your tender coloring as these will make you appear older.

Color Intensity: Medium Hues

Accessories: Silver and gold

Best Neutrals: Charcoal and medium brown

Pop Colors: Butter yellow, teal blue, coral, mint green

White or Ivory?: Soft ivory

Best Shoe and Purse Color: Medium brown

Best Makeup Shades: Neutrals and browns with slight casts of pink or peach

Hair Advice: Highlights look beautiful on you, but be careful not to go too light or too dark. Always stay in the medium range of colors. You look best when you have several shades of highlights and lowlights. You can even add a little copper, but make sure it doesn't go too much to the red side or you'll end up in the Warm category.


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