Step 1      Click the Hair Color Group on the left that most resembles your natural color.



Please read before selecting your Hair Color Group!


The first step in discovering your dominant color characteristics is determining or classifying your hair color. Please select the category of your natural hair color, not the color you have dyed your hair. Natural means natural. Your natural hair color is the shade of your hair without highlights, lowlights or color on it. Basically, if you were unable to get to your stylist for 6 months, what color would your hair be?

*If you are more than 50 percent gray and you intend to let it go that way naturally, then choose the Black and Gray category.

**If you still want to select your current hair color, regardless of whether or not it is close to your natural color, you may click on that category. Please know that when identifying your dominant color characteristics, my best recommendation is to select your natural hair color.