free online color analysis

a personal touch for accuracy

One of the ways I ensure the online Color Analysis is accurate is by giving you, when you purchase a set of swatches, an opportunity to email me your photo so I can personally confirm your analysis.

I have found there are color variances between the many different monitors, settings and computers which may affect the accuracy and outcome of the online color analysis. So, please let me give you a personal touch by allowing me to look at your picture myself and confirm your color analysis.

Wearing the "right" colors

      Makes your eyes sparkle and shine

      Gives your skin a healthy, flawless glow

      Can help you look years younger

      Gain you consistent compliments while giving you confidence

Wearing the "wrong" colors

      Dulls your complexion and magnifies skin imperfections

     Can make you appear tired and sick

     Makes you look older than you are

     Gives the illusion of added weight

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